Passionist Perpetual Enrollment Cards

Passionist Perpetual Enrollment CardsWhether you wish to have prayers said for someone who has died, someone who is ill, someone who is celebrating a birthday or someone who just needs some inspiration, the Passionist Society of Prayer has the perfect Mass card to show that you care.  Your loved one will be prayed for at Masses celebrated by the Passionist Community here in the United States and in the missions and your donation will help support the work of the Passionists.

We have two Perpetual Enrollment cards for the deceased. The most popular is the Passion Flower Card. St. Paul of the Cross, Founder of the Passionists, described the Passion of Jesus as, “the most overwhelming work of God’s love.” The Passion Flower Card explains how missionaries used the passion flower to teach people about the Crucifixion: the ten petals representing the Apostles who were present, the five stamens; the five wounds Jesus suffered, and the flower’s filaments, the Crown of Thorns. Last year this card won a coveted Hermes Award for excellence in design.

Passionist Perpetual Enrollment CardsOur other Perpetual Enrollment Card features a beautiful image of “Our Mother of Sorrows.” Passionists have always had a deep devotion to Our Lady. St. Paul of the Cross wrote, “Meditate frequently on the sorrows of the Mother of God-sorrows inseparable from those of her beloved Son. If you go to the crucifix, you will there find the Mother, and on the other hand, wherever the Mother is, there also, is her Son.”

Benefits of Enrollment in The Passionist Society of Prayer include:

  • Perpetual Remembrance in Daily Holy Mass
  • Perpetual Remembrance in Masses, Prayers and Good Works of the Passionist Priests, Brothers and Seminarians.

Both Perpetual Enrollment cards from the Passionist Society of Prayer are the perfect way to let friends and family know that their beloved deceased will never be forgotten.

The Passionist Society of Prayer also has cards for other needs and occasions. We have three lovely get well cards, birthday cards, and a sympathy card as well as special cards for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and other holidays. Each of these cards feature a one year enrollment in the Passionist Society of Prayer.

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Visit the web site of the Passionist Society of Prayer to see all of our cards, to order a supply to keep on hand or to enroll a person and have us send a card for you. You can also call us at: (914) 908-6736.

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