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The baptism of the eunuch by Rembrandt, 1626, ...

The baptism of the eunuch by Rembrandt, 1626, depicting Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Acts 8:26-40
Jn 6:44-51

In today’s First Reading, we hear about Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch.

“The angel of the Lord spoke to Philip…so he got up and set out.”

When Philip “set out” that day, he did not know what the Lord had in store for him. But he was open to the Lord; heeded the promptings of the Spirit; listened for the needs of the eunuch and was present to him. This allowed Philip to be the instrument of salvation in the life of the eunuch.

“Then Philip opened his mouth and…proclaimed Jesus to him.”

According to Merriam-Webster, the word Proclaim means to:

a: to declare publicly, typically insistently, proudly, or defiantly and in either speech or writing : announce b: to give outward indication of : show

: to praise or glorify openly or publicly : extol

If you put those descriptions into that line from today’s First Reading, you get a pretty vivid picture of Philip’s passion to share Christ with this eunuch:

Philip proudly announced Jesus;

Philip showed Jesus to him;

Philip extolled, praised, and glorified Jesus.

Is this not what we, too, are called to do with our lives?

To boldly speak the Truth the Spirit has placed upon our hearts;

To be “God-with-skin-on”, and show others the love of Christ;

To give God glory and praise for all He has done for us.

You, like Philip, may not know what is in store for your day, but if you say yes to the Lord, invite the Holy Spirit to work in and through you, and genuinely love everyone you encounter… I have no doubts that God will do great things through you.

Tricia Lothschutz
Assistant to the Director
Passionist Volunteers International

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