Faith Makes the Difference

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Jude 17, 20b-25
Mk 11:27-33

After Jesus had driven the money changers and merchants out of the temple area he was approached by the educated leaders of his people.  They posed today’s question, “ By what authority are you doing these things?”   We of the future know the full truth of Jesus’ identity, but they did not.   Jesus was God’s fullest revelation in their midst but they could not see beyond his human appearance.  What good would it have done if Jesus had answered their question with the fullness of the truth?

At the end of Jesus’ public life as he stood before the leaders again on Holy Thursday they asked him,” Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?”  Their question was answered with a powerful, direct, “I am”.  Yet they still did not see the truth because they were closed.  Perhaps we should not judge them harshly.  It is possible that they had not received the gift of Faith from God.

It is only with the treasured gift of Faith given to us out of God’s generosity, that we are able to accept the revelation of God into our heart and intellect  and say, “Yes, I believe.”

What a generous gift we have received from God in this grace of Faith.  We in no way deserve it or earn it.  In fact, many if not most of us received it as infants in Baptism.  Since faith is necessary for salvation and God’s desires the salvation of all, then it seems that at some time in each person’s life, even if in the moment of last breath all will receive the gift of Faith.  But how much more meaning does life have for us since we have known about the God who loves us since our earliest memories.   Many of our fellow humans living today do not have the experience of knowing about God.   Are we willing to become the windows through which God’s self revelation reaches others?  This can be accomplished through our intentional efforts as evangelizers in the public sector, through our passing on the faith to the younger generations.  But we can at times reveal the light of faith through our lives as we let Christ shine through us and so let others’ hearts open to receive the gift to believe.    Let us share the gift.

- Fr. Patrick Geinzer, C.P.

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  1. Paul Zilonka,C.P. says:

    Today’s writer reminds us that the Jews in the time of Jesus did not have our Christian history of theological reflection on the full identity of Jesus, Messiah and son of God which the Gospels proclaim. Those ancient Jews and indeed all who have difficulty with our Christian proclamation deserve our patience, since coming to faith is always a gift of the Lord.

  2. Donna says:

    This was very helpful, thank you. I think I have taken for granted my gift of Faith. I struggle to understand why more people don’t also know how important our Faith is and I am anguished for those I love to open their hearts and let Jesus come in. Something I know can change their lives and strengthen them to do good and avoid evil. For me, I want to know if this or that is okay by God so I can discern what is right or wrong, but so many people don’t seem to get this and it frustrates me. I question why they don’t worry about their eternal soul? I place all my trust in Jesus and pray often for what I can or cannot see and hope for a better world to come.

  3. Eugenia Virginia D. Curaminhg says:

    maybe all of us have FAITH in Jesus but what is going on ….is the time to know the Faith……it will take a long time to those who are not yet involve in church activities and for those who are involve are most fortunate…..they should be the example…….God knows what and when that person would be involve….we just have to wait……i know it cause i expriance them……God touched my heart when i did the first time talking to a passionist friend……which He did to convince me that God is alive in Us……He became my best friend as well as my spiritual director too…….it takes a long time…..the first lesson was PSALM 139……well God is really alive though i am handicap……God loves and cares for all of us……

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