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Where Do We Seek Our Refuge, O God?

Click here for today’s Scripture readings. Much of Lent has already passed.  We may or may not have followed through on the good intentions we made on Ash Wednesday, either […]


A Lenten Program

Click here for today’s Scripture readings. During these first days of Lent it is appropriate to pause, stand back from our daily preoccupations, and take stock of our spiritual life.  […]


Ready, Set, Go

Click here for today’s Scripture readings. In these early days of Lent, people who have made a certain resolution for this sacred season are usually experiencing some success with their […]


This Lent, Wear the Ashes in Your Heart!

Click here for today’s Scripture readings. At the appropriate moment during an Ash Wednesday ecumenical prayer service the host pastor joined me at the front of the church and together […]

The Lost and Found Department – a k a. Reconciliation

When we began the Lenten season on Ash Wednesday we read the same part of the second letter to the Corinthians we hear today, ‘We are ambassadors for Christ. It […]

Up the Mountain

The story of the Transfiguration in Luke is a polished gem taken from a larger gemstone. The entire piece consists of a Passion prediction, sayings on discipleship, and the Transfiguration […]

Don’t Turn Your Back on Your Own

We might have some things we’ve already decided to do for Lent, but it’s always good to keep listening to the suggestions from scripture. The reading from Isaiah gives us […]

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