Daily Reflections

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April 14, 2018


Saturday of the second week of Easter

A duck hunter bought a retriever. He was amazed as he watched the dog retrieve a duck by simply running across the water of the lake. Thirty minutes later his hunting partner joined him just as another duck flew into the air. The hunter fired, the duck fell, and the dog ran across the water and retrieved it. This happened several more times, and his friend didn’t say anything. Finally the hunter said to his friend, “Didn’t you notice anything about my new dog?” “I certainly did,” said his partner. “He can’t swim.”

There are so many amazing things that Jesus did that sometimes we’re like the hunter’s friend and we don’t notice. The Gospel is from Chapter six of the Gospel of John which begins with the multiplication of the five Barley loaves and the fish: Amazing. It was evening, already dark and the sea was stirred up as the disciples had rowed three or four miles out on the lake. Although they were experienced fishermen they were in deep waters and feared their boat might sink or be capsized. Jesus came walking by them on the rough sea only made them more fearful: Amazing They were frightened, and Jesus reassures them with the Words, “It is I. Do not be afraid.” Amazing. 

The fear they had is AWE as they experience a Theophany -a manifestation of the Divine presence. Amazing. Jesus Amazing. Then suddenly they were on the shore. Amazing. In multiplying the Bread and Fish and Crossing the sea Jesus reveals himself as the Lord, doing the things attributed to God in the Scriptures.  

We all have sudden storms in our lives that can bring us darkness and fear. We feel alone and tossed around and the Lord feels distant, but is always with us, always present and close by. Jesus reassures us in the Easter season that we have no need of fear, “I am with you.” Amazing!

Fr. Patrick Daugherty. C.P.