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Daily Reflections

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Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed

April 19, 2020

“Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed”

April 19, 2020

Thomas, the apostle, had been with Jesus for three years. He saw all the miracles, heard Jesus’ teachings, participated in the daily events of Jesus’ life. However, after Jesus resurrected, Thomas wouldn’t believe it had happened until he could put his fingers in the holes of Jesus’ hands and feet and put his hand into his side. When he could do that, he believed and became an evangelizer, taking this belief that Jesus was indeed who He said He was, to spread this “Good News” to India and beyond.

Thomas, like all of human kind, doubted. He had to see with his own eyes, feel with his own hands, be totally present before he would believe. He experienced first-hand the person of Jesus, the Christ, and still he doubted.  Imagine how difficult for human kind who has not experienced the physical person of Jesus,  and still believes. But we have the Scriptures, the “sayings of Jesus”, the many books and reflections on Jesus and his teachings, the Church, the Magisterium, the Sacraments, prayer, etc. that can inform, strengthen our faith and give us hope.

Jesus promised He would never leave us.  If, then, we profess that Jesus is the Second Person of the Trinity, we understand that we only have to accept His invitation to have faith in His promises.  Like the times we are in, there are plenty of circumstances that test our faith.  Let us in all humility grow close to Jesus and pray: “Lord, I do believe, help my unbelief.”