Daily Reflections

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"Come and See"

January 4, 2019

John the Baptist had his own faithful followers. Andrew and his brother Simon seemed to be among that number. When John pointed to Jesus calling him the Lamb of God he aroused curiosity in Andrew and his friend. John was encouraging these two disciples to move beyond himself, he was releasing them from their devotion to him.

When Jesus asked Andrew and his friend what they were looking for they accepted his invitation to ‘come and see.’ They took the time to spend time with Jesus, getting to know him, hearing what he had to say. Andrew was so taken with Jesus he wanted to share his new friend with his brother Simon and their lives were never the same.

How many times may we have missed the opportunity to get to know another person, be touched by the qualities of their character, their openness to friendship because we didn’t accept their invitation to ‘come and see’, get to know me? We were too busy or not that interested to get to know them. What might our lives be like if Andrew and his friend had been too busy to accept Jesus’ invitation to come and see? How open are we to accept Jesus’s invitation to ‘come and see’ offered us every day of life?


Fr. Paul Cusack, C.P.