Daily Reflections


God's gifts

September 11, 2018

The most important word in today’s gospel is the word ‘chose’. We have no idea why Jesus picked these twelve men. He must have seen potential in each of them, though one of them never reached that potential and Peter, with great struggle did reach his.

St. Paul writes that before the world began God chose us in Christ to be his adopted sons and daughters, such was God’s will and pleasure. Everything is gift/grace.

God in Christ cannot stop loving us, it's  God’s very nature to love. The scary thing is we, for whatever our reason, can neglect or reject God’s gifts and live and die by our own devices, such was the fate of Judas.

God graced us with the willingness to always be receptive of God’s gifts and share those gifts with all those who come into our lives.

Fr. Paul Cusack C.P.