Daily Reflections

“He has done all things well.”

February 14, 2020

Saints Cyril, Monk and Methodius, Bishop

1 Kings 11:29-32; 12:19

Psalm 81:10-11ab, 12-13, 14-15

Mark 7:31-37

“He has done all things well.”

What’s your opinion of Jesus? Because you’re reading this, you probably believe and trust and attest that He is Savior of the World. That’s great, but what happens when hard times come, especially things that are not of your own choosing or doing?

Today’s story tells of a man who was deaf, who “begged him to lay his hand on him.” He was that desperate. He went public. From then on, things got weird. Jesus took him away from the crowd, put his finger into the man’s ears, spat, touched his tongue, groaned, and spoke “Ephphatha!” Such a strange ritual. So unlike Jesus. But maybe it was meant for the man. Maybe the man needed to be shown the power of God by word and touch because he was deaf. Maybe Jesus wanted the man to realize it was God at work in his life, (then and always) and not just because he wanted to hear. Jesus took him away from the crown and told him not to proclaim it, yet he did.

We learn several things from today’s Gospel: seek God, allow God’s power and presence to touch you, and to rejoice and be glad because of what the Lord has done for you this day.