Daily Reflections

How did Moses feel?

August 13, 2019


We read in DT 31; 1-8 that God has told Moses that he will not
lead the Israelites across the Jordan River. God alone will lead
his people into the lands where He will help them conquer and
How did Moses feel? Angry, depressed, betrayed? He had
suffered innumerable hardships for a very long time in the
desert leading God’s “stiff necked people” to the promised
land. Now, God won’t let him lead them in. How would you
If Moses felt the twinges of anger, depression, and betrayal he
did not let them sway him from abiding faith and wholehearted
trust in God.
He tells the people to be “… brave and steadfast... it is the Lord,
your God who marches with you.” His absolute trust in and
fidelity to God supersedes any concern he may have had for
What a powerful and hopeful lesson for us. May we pray that
God will always remind us that He is there and that He will
always lead and sustain us through hard times, depression,
betrayal, even disaster.

We can find a similar lesson in Matthew’s Gospel. MT 18: 1-5.
After the disciples ask who is the greatest in the Kingdom of
Heaven, Jesus calls a child over to him and tells the disciples
and us “…unless you turn and become like children you will not
enter the kingdom of heaven.” Turn? Become trusting, loving
and wholly dependent on others? What might the disciples
have thought? We gave up everything to follow you and we
have become first among your followers. Turn?
What about us? Jesus did not mince words or be in any way
equivocal. “…turn and become like children.” How? Jesus did
not say it would be easy; but we have His promise that
“Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the
kingdom of heaven.”
Would Jesus call us to do something we could not do?
Matthew concludes his Gospel with a final quote from Jesus:
“And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.
If God is with us ……………?

Dan Carney, Passionist Associate