Daily Reflections


I Martha

October 9, 2018

Today’s Gospel… An Analysis

I Martha

Martha is the type A person… always busy. There’s so much to do. So many of us have so much to do… people to see, places to go, things to do, multiple items to worry about. We might even suffer from FOMA – always checking our iphone – Fear Of Missing Out. How many of us worry too much about too many things which are not really in our control?

In today’s Gospel Martha was the worrier with so much to do. Jesus was visiting, and she was intent on being the good hostess, preparing the meal, getting the meat and veggies ready, checking on the wine, setting the table… So many things to do so that Jesus, her friend, would be sure to recognize what a good hostess she was…And she was a good hostess…

And where was Mary? Why wasn’t Mary helping her? Didn’t her sister realize there was so much to do? Mary was wasting time with Jesus? Couldn’t she do that later?  After the meal?

Of course, she would have to help clean up after the meal first… wash and dry the dishes, put the leftovers away, clean the table, sweep the kitchen…

Then maybe there would be time to spend with Jesus… maybe? But Martha would be pretty tired after her busy day – After all, it’s a lot of work being a hostess.

For Martha the story is not about her friend Jesus visiting. For Martha the story is about Martha the perfect hostess.

But what about Jesus? Martha missed the opportunity of spending time with her friend Jesus! Well, maybe next visit!

Are we too busy each day to take time out for Jesus?

II Mary

Look at Mary in today’s Gospel. She’s sits with Jesus, spends time with him, listens to him, talks with him. She enjoys Jesus’ presence.

Ask yourself… Do I ever spend any time with Jesus?

Or am I too busy. Do I ever tell Jesus that I love him? Do I pray each day? Mother St. Theresa describes prayer as ‘making room for Jesus in our heart’.

In the morning do you thank Jesus and offer your day to Jesus and ask his help that day? Did you make a morning offering today?

(Suggestion…  Get a 2 in. square piece of paper, write MORNING OFFERING on it, scotch tape it to the mirror where you brush your teeth every morning… then when you see it tomorrow – say, GOOD MORNING JESUS… THANK YOU FOR THIS DAY, HELP ME THIS NEW DAY… or use your own words. Do you ever forget to brush your teeth? Why do you forget a simple Morning Offering? Like Mary, in today’s Gospel, spend some time with Jesus in the morning.)

Do you pray during the day or are you too busy? When do you pray during the day? What about meal prayers, at least thanking God for the gift of food and refreshment each day – or are we embarrassed that others might see us praying and think we’re ‘religious crazies”.

Do you say any night prayer? Keep it simple. Thank you Jesus for this day. Forgive me my failings. Bless my loved ones.

May we be more like Mary in today’s Gospel.

Father Donald Ware, C.P.