Daily Reflections


In the Breaking of the Bread

April 15, 2018

In the Breaking of the Bread

Every Easter Season we are reminded of the story of the Road to Emmaus. Again today, the disciples are recounting what had taken place on the road. Then there’s a twist! While they were still talking about this, Jesus appeared in their midst and wished them PEACE. Luke tells us they were startled and terrified.

Jesus didn’t actually walk through a door or a wall. He was just there, in their midst. Jesus very often is just there in our lives too. Do we see him? Do we acknowledge his presence? Do we see his wounds in the suffering of those around us? They are no more ghosts than Jesus was for the disciples, yet we look past them as though they were.

My husband’s eldest and only living sibling is now in a nursing facility. She no longer remembers most of her family and friends who come to see her. She greets everyone with the same gracious smile and love she had always shown us, but we know the recognition is not the same. Since we were married in 1966 and every year since, our gift to family and friends had always been a box of home-baked cookies. One of my sister-in-law’s favorites was always, and still is, ginger cookies, made from an old recipe from my Great Aunt Katharine.

This past Christmas, several of our children and grandchildren went with me to visit. She greeted us with a smile and a hug, but only faint recognition. Until I opened the baggie with a few little ginger cookies in it! She beamed a smile and said, “Pat!”

And they recognized him in the breaking of the bread! 

May we be blessed throughout this Easter Season with wonderful “appearances” by Jesus as he wishes us the peace that can only come from his loving heart!

Patricia Muehlbauer