Daily Reflections


Light vs. Darkness

July 10, 2018


In today’s first reading from Hosea the prophet, Hosea is denouncing idolatry… Israel was not remaining faithful to God.

Israel was deluged by the Kingdom of Darkness.

In the Gospel Jesus confronts the Kingdom of Darkness

with the healing power of love… the Kingdom of God.

Jesus brings the Kingdom of God’s light and life into our world

which is still seduced by the Kingdom of Darkness:


I Darkness and Light

How do we experience this Kingdom of Darkness in our world?


  • The ugliness of pride and arrogance stains God’s beautiful tapestry of life.
  • The scourge of violence tears apart the fabric of life.
  • The cancer of envy and greed misshape and deform life’s beauty.
  • The malignancy of lust warps and tries to destroy the beauty of love. 
  • Storms of anger, resentment and meanness deluge people and tear them apart.
  • Addictions of all sorts hold God’s marvelous creatures in bondage.

Jesus brings light into this darkness,

Jesus brings compassion and forgiveness, healing and liberation.

This Kingdom of Darkness and sin and evil

will ultimately nail Jesus to the Cross

and seemingly overwhelm him…

will bind Jesus and plunge him into the darkness.

Death will appear victorious.

But… three days later Jesus will burst the bonds of darkness

and death and bring new life to our world.

God does not abandon us, but brings us hope and new life.

II What About Us?

Jesus has overcome the Kingdom of Darkness,

but his victory is still working its way thru our world today.

What is our role in this ongoing struggle between God’s Kingdom and the Kingdom of Darkness?


The Prayer of St. Francis says it so beautifully:

  • Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
  • Where there is hatred, let me bring love,
  • Where there is despair, hope,
  • Where there is darkness, light,
  • Where there is anger and resentment, forgiveness,
  • Where there is envy and greed, gratitude and sharing,
  • Where there is lust, mature caring and loving relationships,
  • Where there is arrogance, a humble understanding of our own worthwhileness, and the goodness of others,

As we reflect on today’s Mass we ask loving God and Good Shepherd Jesus to heal us and to strengthen us so that we might remain faithful and loyal to God and be God’s instruments in our world… so that we might walk in the footsteps of Jesus and continue to bring his victory over the Kingdom of Darkness into our personal lives and into our world.

Father Donald Ware, C.P.