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Daily Reflections

Praying with bible

Put God First

November 18, 2019

Monday of the Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time


I have a couple of thoughts about our Gospel today...


My first thought is not directly related to today Gospel, but it is a good starting point for my thoughts today. I was wandering around the internet a while ago and came across a video of Denzel Washington giving a commencement address at a college a couple of years ago. In his talk he gave the students 5 or 6 suggestions or principles for living their life. His first principle or suggestion was – “Put God first, make God a part of everything that you do!” He told them a story about his college days and how he was not doing well, his grade point was 1.7 and he had an experience in his mother beauty shop that changed his focus. Since that time, he has tried to “put God first” in everything that he has done. I think Mr. Washington’s principle reminded me of one of my own principles of life that God asks of me each day, "stay in love with me and live out of that love!"


At a community mass a couple of years ago one of my brother Passionist reflected on today's Gospel and he challenged us with the point that sometimes we would prefer not to see. The blind man in the Gospel wants to see but sometimes we find it easier not to see, it means less responsibility, less hurt or pain, less expectations on us. If I look at my own life, I would have to say his observation is true. I think there have been times when I really didn't want to see, it was easier not to!


If we can “put God first,” if we can find and enliven our love for God, others and ourselves then we will always want to see! Or perhaps if we ask God in faith to see then our love will once again come to life! May this day be one of seeing, of putting God first and rich in energy grounded in love!


Have a great Monday everyone and may the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in our hearts!