Daily Reflections


Rejoice and be Glad!

April 21, 2019

Rejoice and Be Glad!

For Mary of Magdala and the women who accompanied her, reality has not been kind. They arise in the darkness and make the trek to the burial place of Jesus, to bring some honor, dignity, and respect to Jesus. Things were so violent, hurried, fearful, and sad on Friday, He couldn’t get a proper burial before the Sabbath. Even though the soldiers might still be there, it was worth the risk. Maybe they would assist in rolling the stone away.

Anyway, this was a time for courage built on love and devotion to the One who was innocent, so they were on a mission. His mother wanted to be there, but it was better for her to stay with the Eleven, rather than risk capture or controversy.

Yet where was the hope or promise this day? The tears flowed anew as she sat near the empty tomb. This seemed to be the saddest part of all, Not only was he defamed and condemned, but now his dead body was removed to wipe out his life and memory,

The story does not end there, as you know. Mary tells the apostles. Peter and John race each other to get to the tomb first. They also enter the mystery. There could be a thousand scenarios of what happened, but before long, Mary, His Mother and ten of the Eleven would be assured of His new life.

We’re called to celebrate this great mystery and shout it aloud with our Alleluia chants. We’re called to proclaim our allegiance by renewing our baptismal promises. We’re called to welcome others into the parish family as they receive the sacraments of initiation.

Yes, what a day it is. Everything normal has been changed Let us share our Easter smiles, eat some chocolate, and enjoy our families, as we say, “Jesus Christ is Risen Today!”

-Fr. Michael Greene