Daily Reflections


Resurrection Power

August 10, 2017



 Resurrection Power   


The Gospel accounts are full of stories about the extraordinary powers of Jesus. He controlled the forces of nature in the calming of the storm. He healed weak limbs and cured blindness. Jesus drove out demons from those who were seriously oppressed and possessed. But raising someone from the dead was beyond anyone’s experience or expectations. One could say the same for us today.


There are only a few resurrection stories of Jesus, such as the raising of the son of the widow of Nain, and the raising of Lazarus. In today’s story of resurrection some people heaped ridicule upon Jesus when he said the young girl was merely asleep. He knew she was dead, asleep if you will. But his compassion would bring a young girl back to life in response to the plea of her father. The passage ends by saying that news of this spread throughout the region.


Can you imagine what happened in that village after this miracle? There must have been an explosion of joy by the family of this girl, as well as the people in the town. A seed of faith was planted among them by the resurrection power of Jesus. Perhaps after the resurrection of Jesus and the preaching of the Apostles, many folks became solid converts and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.


In a way, that is the more significant resurrection we wish to see in the world around us. To be born again with the resurrection power of Jesus is what satisfies the human heart. We all know many people who are in need of God’s saving grace. Let us not hold back from praying them into the Kingdom of God.


Fr. Michael Salvagna, CP