Daily Reflections

Saint Callistus I. Pope & Martyr

October 14, 2019

Romans 1:1-7

Psalm 98:1bcdem 2-3abm 3cd-4

Luke 11:29-32

Identity & Relationship

Today we are considering what difference it would make to walk in Jesus's word and example.

People are attracted to who we are. We want to be our very best selves. Because of the relationships have, we usually grow, we learn, we change our thinking and actions. That’s a good story. I want to apply that to our responding to God’s call.

Saint Paul is telling the Romans that they have been changed by following Christ. They are called to belong to Jesus Christ, and they are called to be holy. God’s grace and the fullness of God are with them. That’s good news.

Yet we read that Jesus’ audience that day challenged Him because they wanted a sign that He was who He said He was. For them to change, for them to follow, they wanted assurance. Jesus calls them evil. No, they were not the first or only ones to test God’s power and fidelity, but they had the privilege of having His present. He wanted them to stop, look, listen, and be grateful for what they experienced, rather than just what they thought they knew.

That brings us to examine our own lives. When it comes to our relationship with God, are we testing or are we walking by faith, hope, and love? Through prayer and the right relationships with others, we do grow and learn and teach by example. The call and inspiration come from God. Let us enter the mystery