Daily Reflections


St Joseph Pray for us!

March 19, 2020

“St. Joseph, Pray for us!”

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Matt 1:16,18—21,24a

We celebrate today the life of a person, about whom little is known, St. Joseph, Mary’s husband, Jesus’s human father. In today’s Gospel reading, however, we get a clear picture of a person who was righteous, humble, kind, trusting, faithful, God-fearing, and compassionate.  Confronted with the knowledge that his betrothed  was pregnant by mysterious circumstances, many options lay before him: divorce, stoning, shunning, accepting, protecting, forgiving.  After much soul-searching and a dream that revealed God’s will for him, Joseph decided “to take his wife into his home”.

That decision allowed the story of salvation to unfold and to continue to influence human kind for all of history. That decision lead to rectifying the sin of Adam and restoring human kind to God’s good graces. That decision allowed human kind to learn how to live a truly Godly life. That decision allowed the Son of God, Jesus, the Christ, to live among us to transform our lives.

After Jesus was found in the temple as a twelve-year-old, nothing more was said about Joseph. He disappeared from history. But his influence remains even to today, as he is celebrated all over the world in many capacities. He’s the patron saint of the USA, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Philippines, fathers, workers, immigrants, carpenters, unborn children, etc. It’s those incredible qualities mentioned earlier that have resonated down through history that has been made St. Joseph such an icon of “the good human being”.

St. Joseph, Pray for us!”


Dcn Lee Packard, Passionate Associate