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Daily Reflections

That Our Joy May Be Complete

May 23, 2020

May 23, 2020AD

Saturday of the sixth week of Easter

St. Paul has left Antioch and traveled to Ephesus where he will stay, preach, and teach for about three years.  This is certainly a shift in venues for Paul.  We observe that Paul takes with him two companions whom he met in Corinth, Priscilla and Aquila.  They are with him in Ephesus and will  be with him in Rome; they are friends and co-workers.   We hear of their intention to convey the fullness of the faith to a follower of John the Baptist, Apollos, who does not completely understand the life and message of Jesus.  Once Pricilla and Aquila instruct Apollos, he goes on to Achaia to boldly proclaim Christ and refute the Jews in public.  Apollos, a Jew from Alexandria, now is able to proclaim and establish from the Scriptures that the Anointed One, the long-awaited one, is Jesus.  This is another Easter miracle--they keep coming.  What does this say to us?  How do these various miracles change our lives?  How is our faith in the risen Lord invigorated?

Moving from the Acts of the Apostles to today’s Gospel, John the Evangelist sets the scene in a post-resurrection context.  Jesus says “on that day you will ask in my name.”  The doubt and uncertainty will be gone.  They will have seen Christ risen and thus have been emboldened.   Today’s Gospel in many ways brings us to the events just described in Acts.  As believers, we are called to be one with the Lord and one with His father.  The trinity is to become—actually is—our reality: it is our faith, it is our God.  We long to dwell with that beauty, that grace.  Our God takes away fears and insecurities, “that our joy may be complete.”

Praise God!  Praise God!

FR Curtis Kiddy, C.P.  St. Paul of the Cross Monastery, Pittsburgh, Pa.