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Daily Reflections


The Lord is an Eternal Rock

December 6, 2018

  The Lord is an Eternal Rock    

Most years the East Coast of the United States has to contend with destructive hurricanes. The devastating force of the ocean and wind wash away many houses built along the sandy shore line. This image is offered in today’s gospel to encourage believers to be grounded in God and not be swayed by what the news considers politically correct. The reading from Isaiah reminds us: “The Lord is an eternal Rock.”

From our baptism, we are grafted into the Church of Jesus Christ. We are committed to know, love and serve God so that some day we will be united with God in the kingdom of heaven. It is a long journey fraught with much peril and temptations. Many have fallen along the wayside by compromising their values. Daily we hear stories of people who made their own rules and eventually got caught. Celebrities of all kinds – entertainment, politics, sports, newscasters – are exposed by the media, and this gives much scandal to young and old alike. Unfortunately, spiritual leaders have also scandalized their flocks by slipping off the Rock.

Of course all of us sin and are not perfect. Scripture reminds us, “For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again.” (Prov. 24:16) We have all seen the sign: Be patient with me: God is not finished with me yet. When we own this mindset it shows that we are willing to acknowledge our sins and failures, and are willing to change. Jesus is always kind and merciful to repentant sinners. But there is an attitude of reckless behavior that surrounds us. The moral tone of our country has slipped greatly in the last 40 years. People who claimed to be Christian have not lived up to the title. That surely grieves the heart of God.

How we need the teaching of Jesus and the Church to guide us into light and truth. The message of Scripture brings abundant life to those who believe, regardless of their status in life. As we make the Advent journey to Christmas, may we intercede for people who live on sandy ground so that they will move onto the Rock which is Jesus Christ.

May the words of St. Ambrose inspire us.

            “Christ is everything for us. If you wish to cure a wound, he is the doctor;… if you desire heaven, he is the way; if you flee from darkness, he is light; if you seek food, he is nourishment.”

Fr. Michael Salvagna, CP