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Daily Reflections

The mountains melt like wax before the Lord,

August 31, 2019

            1 THES 4:  1-8;  PS 97: 1- 6, 10-12;  MT 25: 1-13


There is no way the human mind can accurately picture God or understand God, but the Psalm gives us a beautiful and powerful analogy.  “The mountains melt like wax before the Lord,…” Close your eyes and imagine the highest, longest mountain chain you can. Picture it melting like wax.  Can you imagine the power involved? Our God is infinitely surpassing that in incomprehensible power and love.

In Matthew’s Gospel Jesus tells us that the kingdom of heaven is like ten virgins waiting to meet the bridegroom. The five wise took extra oil for their lamps and the five foolish did not.  When the bridegroom finally came the foolish had no oil and when they came back from purchasing more, the banquet had begun and the bridegroom denied them admittance saying “I do not know you.”

We are counseled and warned by Jesus to be prepared at all times for His coming again.     But how?

Prayer; Reconciliation; giving more of our time and talents to those in need of some kind; supporting those who advocate for inclusion and justice for all including the broken and marginalized and the “unproductive ones;” making more quality time for family and friends; patience with those who trouble us?

 We all can modify the list and no two of us are alike so one list will not fit all.

Surely if, in the quiet of our minds and hearts we listen and let Jesus tell us the way He wants us to be prepared, He will.  Didn’t He promise to shepard us and be with us always?

Dan Carney

Passionist Associate