Daily Reflections


"Through Him, With Him..."

December 3, 2018

Following closely after the first Sunday of Advent we are drawn to hear and ponder the meaning of Immanuel and Messiah with Isaiah and the Psalmist.  We hear them foretelling what He will be like. Now we know what He was like because He has come; has taught us; saved us; and, sent the Holy Spirit to enlighten and guide us.

As they foretold, Jesus was endowed by the Father with wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge and fear of the Lord.

Through Him will come a time when “… the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb.”

Through Him will come the fullness of justice and peace and the name of the Messiah will be “… blessed forever … “ 

In these two readings there is truly a treasure trove for us to sift through, contemplate, pray on and be enriched throughout Advent and into the Celebration of the true Christmas.

The reading from Luke emphasizes that God’s revelation is not reserved to the scholars and most gifted; rather, it has been revealed and given to “the childlike” through Jesus.  It is daunting to strive to be childlike in today’s culture; but the reward beyond understanding can bolster our faith and hope.

Jesus makes it quite clear that only the Father fully knows the Son and only the Son fully knows the Father, but again we have abundant reason to believe and hope because Jesus promised that He will reveal the meaning of this mystery to those whom He chooses. He makes it clear that many who longed to see and hear the meaning of the mystery did not; but Jesus gives to His disciples the gift to hear and see and know.

Luke then also gives us treasure for meditation, praying and discerning throughout Advent and into the true Christmas.


Isaiah 11: 1-10; Psalm 72: 1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17; Luke 10: 21-24

Dan Carney