Daily Reflections

St. stephen

Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter

May 7, 2019

The story of St. Stephen’s death in the Acts of the Apostles make me think about what often happens in our world every day. Stephen is just being a good and faith filled person and a crazy mob comes along and stones him to death. A mob of people not thinking about life, about goodness, about being positive but a mob of people only thinking about themselves. A mob of people focused on selfishness, on fear, on evil.  Stephen remained the “bigger person” through his struggle, Stephen remained the faith filled person, Stephen remained the person of life not death.


In our world there are many people about life, about hope, about joy, and about all that is good in our culture and our society and like Stephen they often pay the price. Some with their lives, some with the burdens of life and all with what anger, terror and violence can take away from our bodies, our spirits and our souls. Sometimes it is not a mob, it is just one or two miss-guided, angry people, who are more about themselves than life, who are about negativity, fear, death and evil. They often think they are about what is good, that they are doing God’s work however they are doing the work of evil and unfortunately as good people we are often reminded by the misguided of how much evil is still present in our world.


But like Stephen we need to remain the “bigger person” amid a world of anger, violence and terror. We need to remain faith filled people, we need to remain people of life and not death. We need to remain people of light not darkness. We need to remain people of trust and freedom not fear. We need to remained people of hope not despair.


As we journey through this day may we continue to be remained of and to live on the Bread of Life, Jesus who is always in our midst.


Have a great Tuesday everyone and may the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in your heart!!