Daily Reflections


You are Treasured

July 15, 2017

You are Treasured


Genesis 49: 29 – 32; 50: 15 – 26a       Matthew 10: 24 – 33       July 15, 2017


            I love visiting L’Arche communities.  Over the years, I have come to know members at their Irenicon community in Massachusetts and Daybreak Community near Toronto.  In these communities, I see living witness of how dearly God loves each of us.  The “core members” at L’Arche come to life and, even though they may be disabled in the eyes of the world, they speak (often without words) of the treasure that God has placed in each of them.  The care I have found in the core members and their assistants radiates the love of the Creator for me and each of us!  They have been a blessing to me.

            Sometimes we can feel downhearted and that we don’t have much to offer the world.  Today’s readings are love notes from God.  They say, “No, no, no!  You are not forgotten!  You are precious to me.  I love you.”

            The story of Joseph today is a metaphor for God’s ways with all of us.  Even though we have done wrongs in our lives, God is like Joseph saying, “Have no fear.  Even though you meant harm, God has used it for good to achieve his end.  Therefore have no fear.  I will provide for you …”   The scripture says that Joseph speaks kindly in the manner of God, “By thus speaking kindly to them, he reassured them.”

            Jesus also reminds us in today’s Gospel that each of us is precious to the Father.  None of us will be forgotten.  This is the God who knows the action of each little bird or hair upon our heads and yet we are worth more than all those!  So take heart!  Jesus assures us that we are treasured by the Father.  Let us live confidently in that light and proclaim it from the housetops.


Ernie Rivard is a Passionist Associate and serves as Pastoral Assistant at St. Rose of Lima Church in Northborough, MA