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Daily Reflections

You Might be a Pharisee If...

October 13, 2020

'You Might Be a Pharisee If...'

...a Pharisee invited Jesus to dine at his home.

- Luke 11:37

In presenting a variation of a line from a well-known comedian who joked about recognizing whether a person was a "redneck," I offer the following: You might be a Pharisee if...you reduce your religion to "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." When Jesus does not wash his hands before dinner, it's not only seen as poor hygiene; it's an affront to Almighty God! The Pharisee is "amazed."

Jesus may be the guest, but he immediately turns the tables on the Pharisees: "You fools!" (verse 40), he says to them. The real affront is their own "plunder and evil" (verse 39) hidden inside their pretty little cups and dishes. I guess we like to correct Jesus too, without realizing how superficial our own faith is. So Jesus recommends another kind of washing: "Give alms, and behold, everything will be clean for you" (verse 41). Yes! A gift, a kindness, service, love--that make a real meal!

- Miguel Dulick

Courtesy of: http://www.livingfaith.com/devotion-10-13-2020