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About Our Province

The Passionists of St. Paul of the Cross Province belong to a world-wide community of Passionists, a Catholic religious community founded by St. Paul of the Cross, one of the great missionary saints of the Catholic Church. (St Pauls Benevolent Educational And Missionary Institute Inc.)

The Passionists of St. Paul of the Cross Province serve in the eastern parts of the United States and Canada in parishes, retreat and spiritual centers, monasteries and residences. You can find us in cities like New York, Pittsburgh, and Hartford; in addition we serve worldwide in poor and remote areas of Jamaica, West Indies, and Haiti.

Our province belongs to a larger community of more than two thousand Passionist priests and brothers, and thousands of Passionist women religious and lay people spread through 52 nations of the world, who embrace the Passionist spirit.

Our motto –“May the Passion of Christ be always in our hearts”– is found in the Sign that identifies us.

Provincial and Consultors

The Passionists of St. Paul of the Cross Province held their 49th Provincial Chapter at Holy Family Retreat House in West Hartford from May 12-16th, 2014. Very Reverend Denis Travers, CP, General Consultor of the Passionists, presided over the chapter.

  • Provincial father robert joerger cp

    Father Robert Joerger, C.P.

    Provincial Superior

    Father Robert Joerger, C.P. is currently the Provincial Superior of of the Passionists in the Eastern United States, Canada, and parts of the Caribbean... Read more

  • 1st consultor father lucian clark cp

    Father Lucian Clark, C.P.


    Fr. Lucian Clark, of the Passionist Congregation lives at the Passionist Monastery, Jamaica, Queens, NY. Fr. Lucian was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa., educated there by the Elizabeth Seton Sisters of Charity... Read more

  • 2nd consultor father paul wierichs cp

    Fr. Paul Wierichs, C.P.


    Before Joining Our Lady of Florida as Director, Fr Paul served as Pastor of St. Ann’s Basilica and Shrine in Scranton, PA, beginning February 2004... Read more

  • 3rd consultor father richard burke cp

    Fr. Richard Burke, C.P.


    Father Richard Burke, a native of Dunkirk, N.Y., was born Nov. 15, 1949 to the late William and Maude Burke, one of five children... Read more

  • 4th consultor brother andre mathieu cp

    Brother Andre Mathieu, C.P.


    A native of Hartford, Ct., Andre Mathieu was professed as a Passionist Brother in 1962... Read more

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