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Virginia Blass

Spiritual director virginia blass

Spiritual Director

Virginia Blass is an experienced and certified spiritual director, preacher, and retreat master. She has been engaged in ministry for over twenty-five years, and offers spiritual direction, preached retreats, parish programs, and special resources on spiritual direction. She also films and produces DVD’s on special topics relating to the gift of discernment.

Education: Virginia Blass received her Doctor of Ministry from Graduate Theological Foundation, Indiana, in May of 2004. She received certification in Spiritual Direction and Retreat Giving at Creighton University in June of 1997. She also has acquired degrees in M.A. in Counseling, from the University of New Hampshire in June of 1991, and M.Ed. in Special Education from the University of Vermont in June of 1979. She has taught in education and special education for twenty-seven years.

Ministry Experience: Virginia Blass has engaged in ministry in collaboration with both the Passionists and Jesuits of the New England Province for many years. She has been team leader on Christian Encounter Retreats for College students. She has been on team at the retreat centers in: Shrewsbury, Ma; Eastern Point Retreat Center in Gloucester, Ma; Campion Center in Weston, Ma; and Bishop Molloy Retreat Center in Jamaica, NY. She has also offered spiritual direction in her parish in New Hampshire. She is presently a member of the Passionist Preacher’s Mission Band and has preached with Passionists: Fr. Vincent Youngberg, C.P.; Rev. Fidelis Connolly, C.P.; Rev. Victor Hoagland, C.P. and the late Rev. John O’Brian. For many years, Virginia, has also preached parish missions with Rev. Harry Cain, S.J.

Parish-based Ministry: In addition to preaching parish missions, Virginia has also developed and initiated a parish-based social outreach program for those in need in her parish in collaboration with Catholic Charities. She has written a book, Loaves and Fishes: From Faith Experience to Empowered Community, (Paulist Press, 1995) as a guide and resource to other who wish to implement this outreach program in their parish community. Virginia has also served on parish councils and taught in the Religious Education programs over the years.

Resource Development: In addition to the outreach resource, Virginia has also filmed and produced a DVD on a five day preached retreat entitled: The Ebb and Flow of Our Desires. Presently, Virginia is compiling a comprehensive program in the area of discernment entitled: How Do I Know Its God Talking to Me? This comprehensive program will include: power point presentation; handouts; presenter notes; resources; and a DVD filming experts sharing important insights and guidance for discernment in our daily life. This program is especially designed for young adults but can be offered to anyone interested. It can easily be adapted to the needs of the participants.

  • Spiritual Direction
  • Preached Retreats
  • Retreats for College Students
  • Parish retreats

Some Program Titles:

  • Seeking Peace of Soul
  • Finding God in the Midst of Daily Distractions
  • How Do I Know Its God Talking to Me?
  • How Can I Possibly Forgive…..?

Additional contact information:
Virginia Blass resides on Long Island, New York.
Email address: vblass3@aol.com
Phone: (631) 849-3305