St. luke foundation for haiti

Inauguration of St. Luke's Hospital

April 24, 2017

Father Rick Frechette, CP, came to Haiti thirty years ago with not much more than a duffel bag.  Since then, Father Frechette, who is also a doctor, has leveraged his great faith in God and his faith in the Haitian people to make an enormous difference, founding Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs Haiti and The St Luke Foundation.

April 27th, the Haitian led team at The St Luke Foundation will inaugurate St. Luke's Hospital, an 80 bed facility with surgery center, ER, ICU, specialty wards, and training center.  In this new facility, the local staff and leadership of St Luke's Hospital will provide dignified care to the most needy of Haiti.

In commemorating the dedication of this latest hospital, Father Frechette shares,

"Those of us who work in healthcare, and are believers in Jesus and the power of his message, understand that when we conform our tasks to his ways, we add rich human and spiritual value to our professional encounters with the sick. Direct encounters between Jesus and those struggling with devastating illness, grace many pages of the gospels stories. Believers over twenty centuries have had the privilege, as we do today, of continuing the healing ministry of Jesus. Named for St Luke, physician and evangelist, and the fruit of twenty years of medical work on the streets and in the poorest quarters of Port au Prince, we reach a milestone as we inaugurate the new St Luke Hospital under his patronage. May your prayer be ours: that we might be agents of healing and strength, for all those who come to us for help, for all the years the future holds for us. May God bring to completion the good work he has started in us."

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