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Inter-Council Meeting Day 1

February 25, 2015

Dear Fathers, Brothers, Associates, and Friends,

The following are some of the pictures taken at our first full day at the Inter-Council Meeting. This year the Inter-Council Meeting is taking place at the Our Lady Of Florida Spiritual Center in North Palm Beach. 

We started off our first day with a talk from Father Louis Guerin on his experience with youth ministry at Florida Atlantic University. He mentioned the numerous challenges that came along with the job in today's society, but also how much good he was doing in being there for students who've had trouble identifying themselves or finding their true place in church.

A young man by the name of Jeff and a young woman by the name of Abby discussed the way in which being part of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) has transformed their lives and helped them transform the lives of other young people living on college campuses. Being there for students for when they have questions about God, the bible, or life in general. Basically being good friends to others who may not have any.

After dinner and an evening prayer led by Father Paul Wierichs, C.P. we went back to the conference room and heard from both Father Richard Frechette, C.P. and Father Enzo Del Brocco, C.P. on their eye opening experiences in Haiti. The sickness, the struggles, the deaths, the dangers, and the sadness, we're all discussed. However, they mentioned how hopeful and how full of faith the people in Haiti are and how blessed they feel for having Father Enzo and Father Rick there to take care of them and guide them with the same passion that I'm sure Jesus Christ had for the poor and the forgotten.

There will be more pictures to come as the Inter-Council Meeting continues. Day 2 is underway as we speak, with a visit from the Archbishop of Miami - Archbishop Thomas Wenski.

I hope you're all having a great week.