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Jamaica Visitation - Day 4

May 8, 2015

Dear Fathers, Brothers, Associates, and Friends,

Day 4 of the Provincial Visitation started off with early morning Mass by Father Michael Rowe, C.P.. and a very passionate homily.

After Father Robert met with some of the members of the community, Father James Price, C.P. drove us around Mandeville and took us to a lot of the locations that the PVI volunteers go to on a regular basis. These were just brief stops, but we got a good introduction as to what some of these places were and what to expect for our day with the PVI Volunteers. One of the places we went to was the St. Theresa Basic School. We met with Sister Susan Kiragu who is the Principal there and part of the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi. The usual abundance of kids that are at the school weren't there, so we'll hopefully catch them on our next visit.

During the drive with Father Jim, we were also able to see a lot of the Jamaica landscape, which was nice. It was definitely different than your usual drive through Brooklyn or The Bronx. You could see the mountains, the sugar cane, the trees, the river, the green grass, the burning of garbage on the sides of the street, and the occasional small vendors, selling mangos or other kinds of fruit on the sides of the street as well. Some of the poverty that was seen through our car windows during our drive was especially eye opening.

Our night ended with a visit to The Christian Brothers at their St. Vincent Strambi residence, where we had dinner and told stories together. One of last year's PVIs, Brian was there as well. He is currently living with the Christian Brothers.

Father Jim then had the task of driving us back home in the darkness of night... We made it back home safely!

Another great day.