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Scranton Visitation - Part 1

May 15, 2015

Dear Fathers, Brothers, Associates, and Friends,

Father Robert and I drove out to Scranton, PA early Monday morning. There was luckily no traffic and we made it to St. Ann's Monastery very quickly.

We were welcomed by Father Richard Burke, C.P., who is the Rector here as well as one of the Consultors in the Provincial Council.

After a nice supper and some conversation with all of the priests and brothers here, Father Robert met with the St. Ann's Basilica Parish Council. They were in the process of organizing their upcoming elections and welcoming new potential candidates to be part of the Parish Council. We sat in a circle and heard each member (and member-to-be) state the reasoning behind why they liked being part of St. Ann's and why they were interested in being part of the Parish Council.

The meeting was full of discernment and hope. It was nice to see people like this taking such good care of the parish and giving the lay community an opportunity to have a strong voice in it. A good sight indeed.

The following morning we had a morning prayer with the priests and brothers of St. Ann's as well as a morning Mass celebrated by Father Lee Havey, C.P. in the chapel.

After Lunch, Father Robert had a very positive and very productive community meeting with the priests and brothers of St Ann's.

A good start to the Provincial's Visitation in Scranton, PA!