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Scranton Visitation - Part 2

May 22, 2015

Dear Fathers, Brothers, Associates, and Friends,

Part 2 of our Scranton Visitation started off with a bang!! It was Father Robert's 38th Ordination Anniversary and the Scranton community showed their love and support for him by getting him a cake. It had a chocolate filling with a vanilla flavored exterior and it was de-li-cious! We also had it with some ice cream on the side. We sat around a table and heard funny stories from Father Jack Connor, C.P., Father Brice Edwards, C.P., and Brother Andre Mathieu, C.P.. A wonderful night filled with laughs and great men around the table. A lot of lunches and dinners were like this - full of laughs, stories and genuine happiness.

Later that evening, it was time to meet up with the Associates of Scranton. Father Robert said a Mass for them and joined them in prayer.

After Mass was over, we were taken to the dining room where we shared stories while having refreshments and some really tasty seafood sandwiches. Father Richard Burke, C.P. And Brother Daniel Turner, C.P. were there to guide us through the evening. We went around the tables saying hello to everyone. You could tell that the Associates were excited to be there. There was something in the air that evening that told us we were in for a treat.

After the refreshments were served and the sandwiches were eaten, the Associates met as a group and discussed the expanding role of the Associates and the lay people in the church.  Just like at the Parish Council Meeting from the other night, this meeting (or really a gathering or conversation) of people with a common goal showed us continued hope for growth within the church, The Passionists, and Scranton. Some of the Associates were also part of St. Ann's Parish Council, which really showed the level of commitment that these individuals have for The Passionists. The amount of passion and time given by these individuals is truly remarkable. I left knowing a lot about the Associates and how important they are to and for The Passionists. I had the honor of meeting some of them too and getting to know more about their background and why they were so committed to The Passionists.

After the meeting, we got everyone together for a picture! What another wonderful night.

Part 3 is coming.......