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Survey of Lay Collaborators with the Province of St. Paul of the Cross

May 14, 2015

Dear Friends of the Passionists,

One year ago, the Passionists of St. Paul of the Cross Province (eastern U.S.) established a new Commission on the Laity.  The purpose of the Commission is to help the Passionists better listen to the needs, concerns and hopes of the Laity in our Province, to recommend new ways for the Laity to be involved in the life of the Province, and to provide new ways for the Laity to be informed of the many blessings of Passionist spirituality and life.

This survey is the Commission’s first step in creating an important listening opportunity for our Province.   It is vital that as many Laity as possible connected in any way with the Passionists of this Province participate.   (Note:  Deacons who are Passionist Associates, volunteers, or work in Passionist ministries are welcome to respond to this survey too.)  This is an opportunity for you to help guide the future of our Province! We want to hear from you.

Please take a few minutes to complete the brief 10 minute survey by clicking on the link below.  Your confidential answers will be reported in aggregate and not tied directly to you so your responses are anonymous 

We thank you for your valued input and participation!



The Passionists & St. Paul of the Cross Province Commission on the Laity