Tell Us About A Passionist

February 24, 2015

Berta H. shares her story about how a Passionist has made a difference in her life:

"Four years ago in the year 2011 Fr Vincent Youngberg gave a four day mission at ST Matthew's church in Hallandale Beach, Florida. I sat through his mission learning more and more about my relationship to my Lord Jesus Christ. Towards the end of the mission Fr Vincent led us in a meditation that took me straight to our Lord. I met Him that night! I didn't know Him before. What Fr Vincent did for me that night was life-changing. I went in one person and came out of that mission a totally different person. I don't have the words to thank Fr Vincent but I do know that our Lord Jesus Christ led me to that church for that particular mission because He loved me. God bless Fr Vincent and all the Passionists priests that bring us closer to our Lord with their words and their actions!"