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Today's Prayer

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June 14, 2020

Prayer for America

Father, once again we are reminded that any security we have as individuals and as a nation comes only from the abiding hope and trust we have in You. 

Once again, we are cut to the heart 
at the loss of life and damage to peace 
that we have suffered as a nation. 

So, Father, today we come to You 
and we seek Your peace for the families and victims of the 
horrible tragedy. 
For those still lost in the rubble of destruction, 
we ask for the safety of Your hand. 
For those consumed by worry and fear 
as they try to locate missing loved ones, 
we ask for the comforting presence of Your Spirit. 

We seek Your peace for the emergency workers,
that You would guard their lives 
as they seek to guard the lives of others. 
Give them the wisdom they need to perform their duties 
above and beyond the levels of their training. 

And Father, we seek Your peace for our nation and our world. 
In the midst of our questions and uncertainty, 
we recognize that the unknown details of this day 
are already in Your grasp. 
We know You sent Your Son as the Prince of Peace 
and even this day falls under His command. 
Help us to find the strength and comfort we need as a nation 
to continue to humble ourselves, 
pray and seek Your face for a new day in America 
and a new hope for our world.