Today's Prayer

Todays prayer 5

April 12, 2019

Lord our God, draw us to yourself. Draw us into the quiet that you give, where something can happen to us and to our hearts. Help us to discern your kingdom... Read more

Todays prayer 4

April 11, 2019

Dear Father in heaven, we thank you for this day and for the protection you have given us. Grant that we may find our joy in your grace and in your love. Help us... Read more

Todays prayer 3

April 10, 2019

Lord God, unite us with Jesus Christ, the risen and living One. Unite us so that our lives are completely submerged in your will through Jesus Christ. Tear us... Read more

Todays prayer 2

April 9, 2019

Lord our God, dear Father in heaven, we are gathered in your presence through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Reveal to us our Savior Jesus Christ. May the Savior be... Read more

Todays prayer 1

April 8, 2019

Lord our God, we thank you for revealing your rulership, which is for the good of each of us. Each one of us will become what we ought to be when our faith is... Read more

Todays prayer 0

April 7, 2019

Lord our God and our Father, we thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit, who binds us to you. Give us continually afresh something of this Spirit so that we can... Read more

Todays prayer 6

April 6, 2019

Lord our God, Father of us all, bless our community in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. May your Spirit carry out what we are powerless to do, so that we... Read more

Todays prayer 5

April 5, 2019

Dear Father in heaven, we thank you for this day and for all the loving kindness you pour out on us. May we continue to receive your help and your protection.... Read more