Today's Prayer

Todays prayer 4

May 9, 2019

Lord, our God and Father, we thank you that in all the misery and night on earth you have let your hope dawn as a light shining for all your people - all who... Read more

Todays prayer 3

May 8, 2019

Lord, Almighty God of heaven and earth, grant that we may come to you as your children. For you have chosen us through the gospel, and Jesus Christ has obtained... Read more

Todays prayer 2

May 7, 2019

Dear Father in heaven, we thank you with all our hearts because we know you are holding us by your hand and leading us on all our ways, in spite of all... Read more

Todays prayer 1

May 6, 2019

Lord our God, we look to you and to Jesus Christ our Savior. Continually renew your grace and your power in our lives, we pray. Renew your grace and power, that... Read more

Todays prayer 0

May 5, 2019

Lord our God, we are not worthy of all the mercy and faithfulness you show to us. We thank you for your love and ask you to keep our hearts united in the hope we... Read more

Todays prayer 6

May 4, 2019

Dear Father in heaven, we thank you for guiding us on all our ways with power from on high. We thank you that again and again you have led us through the darkness... Read more

Todays prayer 5

May 3, 2019

Dear Father in heaven, we thank you that the Savior has been with us on the earth and that in our day we can still follow him and wait for your will and your... Read more

Todays prayer 4

May 2, 2019

Lord our God, we seek your light and pray that you shed your light upon us so that we live not only on earth but in you, the eternal and living One. May our lives... Read more