Today's Prayer

Todays prayer 2

December 25, 2018

Lord our God, you have sent light to shine on earth and have revealed your heavenly power in Jesus Christ, so that in spite of all the darkness and evil we may... Read more

Todays prayer 1

December 24, 2018

Lord God, our Father in heaven, you have sent us the Savior, who was born to bring great joy to all people. Glorify your name, we pray. Give the world the peace... Read more

Todays prayer 0

December 23, 2018

Lord our God, our Father in heaven and our Father on earth, our Lord and our Ruler, we thank you that to this very day you have guarded and guided us and... Read more

Todays prayer 6

December 22, 2018

Dear Father in heaven, let your joy be always in us, your children. Let your joy bring light and peace to our lives, no matter what happens around us. May we... Read more

Todays prayer 5

December 21, 2018

Lord Jesus Christ, to you we may lift our eyes, for you have broken free from our world of death and live in the glory of life, and you offer your life to us on... Read more

Todays prayer 3

December 19, 2018

Dear Father in heaven, we hope in you and in your promise, which we hold in our hearts as our most precious possession. Protect us when times grow hard. May your... Read more

Todays prayer 2

December 18, 2018

Lord our God, our Father, out of reverent silence comes the praise that is due to you, O God in Zion. It is right for us to praise you and to keep our promises to... Read more

Todays prayer 1

December 17, 2018

Lord our God, we thank you that you have given us the light of life, that we can now learn how to live, and that through your great grace we may understand life... Read more