Today's Prayer

Todays prayer 3

October 10, 2018

Lord our God, we praise your name because you have set up a mercy seat on earth, because you forgive our sins through the blood of Jesus Christ. May your mercy be... Read more

Todays prayer 0

October 7, 2018

Dear Father in heaven, we thank you that your voice reaches our hearts and that we can say with joy, "We belong to you. We too are yours." We want to... Read more

Todays prayer 6

October 6, 2018

Lord our God, our Father, give us your Spirit, we pray, for you have ruled over us at all times and loved us with a love that guides and leads us, that helps us... Read more

Todays prayer 5

October 5, 2018

Mighty God, we thank you for sending your light into all the world to reveal that you are the Father of all, to show us that you are leading them to yourself, the... Read more

Todays prayer 4

October 4, 2018

   Father in heaven, we people on earth are poor and needy. We are deaf and dumb, but you rouse us every day and call to us, "Ephphatha." We... Read more

Todays prayer 3

October 3, 2018

Lord our God, our Father in heaven, we come to you as your children. Bless us, we pray. Bless us especially in days when fear tries to take hold of us. Let your... Read more

Todays prayer 2

October 2, 2018

  Lord our God, give us your Spirit, we beseech you, that we may find your paths on earth and live in the hope and certainty that everything is in your... Read more

Todays prayer 1

October 1, 2018

Lord our God, we thank you for your gospel, the great, good tidings we may carry in our hearts to give us joy in this present time, even though on all sides... Read more