All in the Family


Tuesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time Lectionary: 318 Hebrew 10:1-10 Psalm 40:2 and 4ab, 7-8a, 10, 11 Mark 3:31-35 The author of the letter to the Hebrews compares […]

Morning Minute Prayer

Prayer… As our Savior says: “A good tree is not able to produce bad fruit.” He says: A good tree, that is, a good heart as well as a soul […]

God Did Not Give Us a Spirit of Cowardice


Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, Bishops Lectionary: 520/317 2 Timothy 1:1-8 or Titus 1:1-5 Psalm 96:1-2a, 2b-3, 7-8a, 10 Mark 3:22-30 In our reading today from 1Timothy we hear […]

Morning Minute Prayer

Prayer… Dear Saint Timothy, well known for your gentleness, you were a most faithful disciple of Saint Paul, and like him traveled much to bring the Good News to all […]

Morning Minute Prayer

Prayer… “We, Catholic workers, strongly and clearly reject National Socialism, not only for political and economic reasons, but also, decidedly, because of our religious and cultural position.” – Blessed Nikolaus […]

Running Out of Time!


Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Lectionary: 68 Jonah 3:1-5, 10 Psalm 25:4-5, 6-7, 8-9 1 Corinthians 7:29-31 Mark 1:14-21  The two things that caught my attention in our scriptures today […]

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