Holiday prayer

Dear Friends,

As we near the end of our Lenten journey, we will soon celebrate the most transformative mystery of our Christian faith community — the Resurrection of the Lord!

Let me be among the first to wish you Easter blessings and peace during this special time.

As you know, our theology is deeply rooted in the Passion of Christ. In a very special way, we devote our lives to preaching the story of Christ’s suffering and death. The Motto of our Congregation is: "May the Passion of Christ be always in our hearts." We know, however, that the life of Jesus does not end in suffering on a cross. Rather, it continues in a transformative new way, united to God in a life that will never end. As we celebrate Easter, we recall the promise that through the Passion and Death of Jesus, a new life will be ours as well.

I know that many of you struggle with difficult circumstances in your lives. There is illness, family diffculties, financial struggles, the challenges of aging, and simply the obstacles that daily living puts in our paths. Easter assures you that you are not alone in your struggles!

We are promised by God that we do not walk alone. That is the heart of the Easter message.

This is the message that we Passionists try to bring to the hundreds of thousands of people whom we serve throughout the world. Our priests and brothers minister tirelessly throughout the United States and Canada, and in our worldwide missions in Haiti, Jamaica, West Indies, and Honduras.

Wherever we are we reach out to the poor, the lonely, the elderly, young people at risk, and those who have yet to hear the Good News that He Is Risen! In our parishes, retreat centers and monasteries, we try to be a beacon of hope in darkness that, at times, can appear overwhelming.

As we attempt to accompany you in your struggles, we ask that you try to help us to assist others who may be struggling as well.

We would like to invite you to help us share the joy of Easter and spread the message of God’s unfailing love for all of us. Will you be part of this great work by supporting us through your prayers and generosity?

When you send us your prayer requests, please consider making a gift in support of the Passionist Missionaries so that we can continue the great mission that has been entrusted to us by God.

Know that we will be remembering you and your loved ones in our Easter celebrations.

May the Passion, Death, and RESURRECTION of Christ be always in our hearts!

In God’s Everlasting Love,

Father Edward L. Beck, C.P.
Development Office
The Passionists