Christmas 2018

Holiday prayer

Dear Friend,

At Christmas time we look back at our fond and pleasant memories of the year past, and forward to the challenges, goals and opportunities still ahead. At this time we celebrate the greatest act of love that ever occurred – God’s gift of His only Son, Jesus, the Messiah to redeem us all.

So often during the holidays we search for the “real meaning” of Christmas. We know that gift giving is a huge part of the holiday, however we need to remember that there is an even bigger gift, and that is God’s gift of His only son, Jesus. As we focus our thoughts on a tiny baby nestled in a manger, His arms reaching out to embrace the world, let us remember His message of peace and love in our own lives.

The Passionist Missionaries want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help those less fortunate, both physically and spiritually. Your prayers and the generosity of people like you are the fuel that keeps our ministry running. During this season of peace and love, I hope you will join us in our Christmas celebrations. We will be offering many Masses, prayers and devotions during this holy season. We invite you to participate in our celebrations by including all your prayerful intentions, as well as the names of deceased loved ones you’d like us to remember. Your intentions will be remembered in our Advent and Christmas Masses.

If you can include a Christmas gift along with your prayers in the form of a financial contribution, this gift will enable us to continue to strengthen our ministry and spread the Gospel. Your gift will live in others, a continuing example of His love, long after the holiday season.

May your Christmas season be filled with love, peace and joy. The blessings of this holy season be with you!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Father James O’Shea, C.P.
Development Office of the Passionists