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A Definition That Will Never Fail You

November 7, 2019

 “A true Christian is one who sees Christ in everything and everyone else.” I’ve been told this is a definition that will never fail you,... Read more

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The Cost of Discipleship Is Dear

November 6, 2019

Oh my! Hate father and mother, wife, children, brothers and sisters! Is this the same Jesus who says love everyone, even your enemy? Today’s reading from Romans... Read more

“No man is an island”

November 5, 2019

No man is an island, No man stands alone, Each man's joy is joy to me, Each man's grief is my own. We need one another, So I will defend, Each man as my... Read more

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Memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo, Bishop

November 4, 2019

Memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo, Bishop Reading 1 Rom 11:29-36 Brothers and sisters: The gifts and the call of God are irrevocable. Just as you once... Read more

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The resurrection of the righteous

November 3, 2019

Many times in the Gospels we encounter Jesus speaking in hyperbole, meaning that he greatly exaggerates his examples to make a point of faith. We can think of when he... Read more

Faith and Love

October 31, 2019

Romans 8:31b-39 Psalm 109:21-22, 26-27, 30-31 Luke 13:31-35 Faith and Love Many times people say they believe in God, then the hard times come. They or... Read more


St. Paul’s letter to the Church of Rome

October 30, 2019

October 30, 2019 AD.   Wednesday of the Thirtieth Week of Ordinary Time. As we read and pray in chapter eight of St. Paul’s letter to the Church of... Read more

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Bearing Crosses Bravely

October 29, 2019

    Pain and suffering are part of our human experience from the time we were small. Whether one is rich or poor, young or old, educated or not, all... Read more